Voyager is a technology company. Our goal is to develop high-end, innovative, easy-to-use products. Our products involve almost all aspects of the technologies available: from enterprise-level fail-over clustered databases managing thousands of transactions in any given moment, to distributed load balanced WCFs, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), DirectX based video players, Silverlight-based web sites or iOS applications.

We employ state-of-the-art design practices of object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming, tools such as Visual Studio and TFS, Altova’s MissionKit and techniques including extensive use of design patterns for system or enterprise applications.

We are probably one of the few technology companies in Greece that has invested so much in adopting and practicing sound software engineering principles such as the following:

  • A dedicated QA department with emphasis on all forms of testing
    • Our QA team has in its disposal a number of tools for automated GUI testing such as HP’s QuickTest or Visual Studio’s Coded UI Tests, integration testing and stress testing using Visual Studio’s Test Manager, user release testing with dedicated virtual machines and Visual Studio’s Lab Management.
  • A thorough review process for all project deliverables
    • We value the quality of our products and we have an established workflow where we conduct both formal and informal reviews on deliverables submitted by both our junior and senior members
  • Adoption of agile methodologies for risk-driven approach, incremental development and unit testing
    • We are firm believers of the agile method’s benefits and we do invest in extensive unit tests coverage as well as short development and frequent release cycles
  • Full automation of the software development cycle, from requirement analysis to build management and testing
    • The company has invested heavily both financially and in man-hours in acquiring, installing and configuring a TFS-based solution that allows for requirements and test management, automated builds using MSBuild-scripts, bug tracking, project tracking and data collection.
    • A typical workflow in Voyager will start with the description of a set of user stories which will be transformed into a set of test cases, code and unit tests. Code and unit tests are developed in parallel and continuously integrated with each other. We base development around TFS’s version management system using variations of the Mainline and Active Development Line SCM patterns with Private Workspaces and private system builds backed by our build servers and our custom-made activity-based build scripts. Once a minimum quality standard is reached code is passed for further testing to the QA team which has by this time completed a full set of integration and stress tests. When code reaches the required stability which is guaranteed by separate integration builds, a further cycle of release testing starts which concludes with the release build, ready for delivery to the customer.
  • Research into new and existing frameworks for adoption in our products.

Our engineers are constantly on the look-out for new solutions that would help our development process and ultimately help us in delivering better quality products.

Voyager has long adopted the suite of .NET and Microsoft technologies for its products which include:

  • SQL Server databases that so far handle more than a million transactions per day and store more than a 150Gb of data.
  • WCF services currently being used by millions of users in the USA
  • C++ and C# based system software for remote messaging, management and co-ordination of hundreds of clients
  • DirectX-based multimedia software for video and music playback

Voyager strives to remain at the edge of technological breakthroughs and its repertoire is not limited to the above. We are also researching and continuously develop new products in other platforms which include iOS, Android and embedded Windows devices.

At this time the company has already delivered iOS-based clients for its WCF services while giving top priority to delivering Android applications within the next six months. As a matter of fact, our strategy includes a whole spectrum of mobile applications with emphasis on intuitive GUI design and for this reason we are placing more and more resources in this area.

Voyager is an ISO certified company for the production and delivery of quality software products. For us this is not just a certificate hanging in the wall; ISO-procedures are an inherent part of our company’s culture.

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